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Rob Mecarini is the President and owner of Alpine and an ACSM certified hydrographer. He has over 30 years’ experience with the company and in the survey industry.  After a brief stint working as a shoreman and deckhand, he moved into the position of navigator and hydrographer, and eventually worked his way to Party Chief and Project Manager, as well as running the charting department.  He cut his teeth working on projects in the US, Europe, West Africa and South and Central America. Before becoming President, he held executive roles as a VP of International Operations and Executive VP.  

Rob purchased Alpine back from Gardline/Boskalis in 2018, and has made it his mission to grow the company into one of the premier survey services providers in the United States, while not losing sight of the customized and personal client experience for which Alpine is known. Rob is also committed to ensuring that Alpine remains a place where staff can find a long-term home and always see opportunities to grow and advance in their careers.  

In his down time Rob enjoys racing his 1989 Toyota MR2 in the LeMons “crap can” endurance series, skiing, road and mountain biking, and coaching rec soccer. Much to the relief of the entertainment industry, Rob has given up his acting, casting and B-movie script writing side hustles.