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Lita Gregory, Contracts Manager is responsible for contracts management, negotiations, and contracts life cycles.

Lita joined the Alpine team in 2022. She has previously managed contracts and technical projects in oil & gas exploration & production, both subsea and onshore, the broadcast and computer industries, and the manned spaceflight program.  

Lita graduated with an Engineering degree from Texas A&M University in College Station, TX and has been a member of several different technical and professional associations throughout her career. She began her career with the Space Shuttle program at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas in 1987. After the space program she served as a reliability engineer with Compaq Computer Corp and then transitioned into contracts administration and management in the oil & gas industry.

Drafting, negotiating, and putting together a great contract that allows Alpine to provide the best service possible for Alpine’s clients and customers is Lita’s strongest motivation. Her technical background and enjoyment of the written language, especially when used in contracts, have proven to be a useful combination, especially for technical and complex projects.  

Lita’s spare time is spent with her family, friends, and caretaking her small-acreage farm and the variety of animals that call it home. When indoors, she enjoys cooking, reading, and trying to learn new languages with Duolingo.