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Your Project, Our Experience, Your Success

Our goal is to support you throughout your project cycle, and that includes ensuring that your project is properly constructed.  Our staff’s experience with data collection in both the engineering and construction phases, provides you with the kind of crucial insight needed to execute accurate, reliable and repeatable asset positioning and pre/during/post construction surveys. Besides using standard positioning and geophysical tools Alpine and its key partners can provide the following specific job survey services:

  • Surface and Subsurface Asset Positioning for:
    • Cable Installations
    • Rig Moves
    • Installation Vessels
    • ROVs
    • Divers
  • ROV Support for:
    • Pre and Post Cable/Pipeline Installation Surveys
    • Cable/Pipeline Condition Surveys
    • Cable Repair and Maintenance Support
    • Foundation Scour and Protective Mat Condition Surveys
    • Subsea Construction Monitoring
    • Debris and UXO Detection and Identification
  • Vessel Based Support for:
    • Pre and Post Construction Site Hazard Clearance Surveys using Geophysical and Hydrographic Methods
    • Water Quality Monitoring
    • Asset Deployment (ROV, Drop and Towed Camera Array, Drone etc.)
Marine Positioning & Construction Monitoring Services

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Marine Positioning & Construction Monitoring Services