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Leadership Development Training Program

Alpine’s Leadership Development Training Program was created to enhance the capability of employees to be effective in leadership roles. Our goal is to provide our employees opportunity and training so that they can develop their skills and further their career with Alpine.

Field Project Manager Track

What to Expect


The program has been designed to be completed within two years.

A Tailored Experience 

Develop your skills through various projects and assignments:

  • Training in the office, onboard vessels, and online
  • Training on a minimum of 4-5 offshore projects
  • On-the-job or in-role learning

Personalized Mentorship & Coaching 

  • Get paired with a mentor and gain ongoing coaching during the duration of the program to help you succeed in your current and future roles at Alpine.
  • Have the opportunity to work with and learn from various leaders across our organization.

The Skills You Will Gain 

  • Understanding of contract requirements and client deliverables
  • Skills in planning and managing field operations and survey logistics
  • Confidence in quality assurance of data sets
  • Strong familiarity with company HSEQ protocols
  • Experience monitoring schedules and addressing delays
  • Skills needed to act as a technical and managerial lead for marine survey crew


To be eligible for this program, you must have:

  • A bachelor’s degree in the marine sciences
  • All appropriate offshore certifications must be current and valid
  • Most recent annual performance review and the Project Performance Personnel Appraisals from the past 1 year will be considered
  • Minimum 4 years relevant experience in one or a combination of the following roles:
    • geophysicist
    • geologist
    • hydrographer
    • survey engineer
    • data processor
    • marine scientist
Leadership Development Program 

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