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Your Project, Our Experience, Your Success

Your geotechnical project will benefit from our in-house designed and off the shelf geotechnical tools, innovative approaches, and strategic partners. You will have access to 65 years of corporate experience providing geotechnical services combined with the individual talents of our staff.  Our Team will be by your side to advise and support you throughout the project, ensuring you are successful in achieving your goals.  Our capabilities include:

  • Seafloor and “Top Push” Surface Deployed CPT Units
  • Nearshore Lift Boat Deployed Marine Drilling Systems with Downhole CPT Capability
  • Vibracores with 10’ – 40’ Configurations:
    • Powerful Alpine Manufactured Pneumatic Systems Designed for Hard Packed and Soft Sediments
    • Electric Units for Deeper Waters and Capable of Deploying Thermal Resistivity Probes
    • Alpine Corelog Software and Hardware for Monitoring Vibracore Deployment and Sample Acquisition and Retrieval
  • Drop and Piston Cores
  • Van Veen, Day Grab and Shipek Samplers with Optional In-Situ Cameras
  • Thermal Resistivity Testing
  • On Board Laboratory Capability
  • On Board Sample Refrigeration
  • Third Party Laboratory Coordination
Geotechnical Services

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Geotechnical Services