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Your Project, Our Experience, Your Success

With a wide range of geophysical and hydrographic tools to fulfill your survey needs, an experienced scientific staff to advise you, and 65 years of corporate experience to execute your project,  we have the ability to ensure your success using any of the following geophysical and hydrographic data acquisition options:


  • Seismic Reflection:
    • Parametric, Chirp and Pinger Sub-bottom Profiling
    • Single Channel Seismic (Boomer and Sparker)
    • Ultra High Resolution Multi-Channel (Boomer, Sparker, Air Gun, Various Streamer Lengths and Hydrophone Separation Configurations)
  • Seismic Refraction (Towed and Bottom Resting)
  • Electrical Resistivity Profiling
  • Side Scan Sonar (Single and Multi-Frequency)
  • Magnetometry and Gradiometry
  • Induced Magnetics (EM Coils) including Specialized ROV mounted UXO Detection Configurations


  • Single and Dual Head Multi-beam
  • Interferometric Swath Bathymetry
  • Backscatter Acquisition
  • Single Beam
  • Sound Velocity Profiling via Automated MVP Units and Manual Cast Systems
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