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Daniel Whitesell is currently employed as the Technical Director of the Geophysical Division at Alpine and has worked with the company for over ten years. His principle role at Alpine is managing the logistical and technical aspects of multifaceted offshore geophysical survey projects as well as report writing, data interpretation, QA/QC and supervising geophysical survey personnel.  

Daniel graduated from SUNY Stony Brook University with a B.S. in Marine Science and completed his M.S. in Geological Oceanography at the University of Rhode Island. His graduate research focused on using geophysical survey techniques to investigate sea level transgression events and seafloor geomorphology in the Black Sea. Additionally, Daniel’s multidisciplinary background includes signal processing and acoustics, marine geophysics, seismic data interpretation and marine archaeological surveying. 

Although he takes his career seriously, he believes that a proper work-life balance is paramount to happiness and success. Consequently, Daniel enjoys spending his free time traveling all over the world with his wife and focusing on their interests in hiking, scuba diving, horseback riding, eating new foods and experiencing different cultures and environments. 

Overall, Daniel is most interested in his work at Alpine Ocean because it allows him to use his experience in empirical research, problem solving and critical thinking to help provide Alpine’s clients with the highest quality data products and survey results.