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Orazio Kelly Stewart

Orazio Manchia

Chief Morale Officer

Meet Orazio, the beloved office dog at Alpine! As the loyal companion of Dario, Alpine’s Director of IT and R&D, Orazio has become an integral part of the team, brightening everyone’s day with his infectious energy and playful personality.

When he’s not busy socializing, Orazio can be found napping in his cozy bed or playing with his favorite toys. He loves chasing after tennis balls and collecting tasty treats from his coworkers, and he’s always up for a good game of fetch. Orazio’s cheerful demeanor and boundless enthusiasm have helped to boost morale and create a positive work environment for everyone at Alpine.

In addition to being a beloved office dog, Orazio also enjoys accompanying Dario on outdoor adventures! Whether he’s running through NYC’s Riverside Park or playing in the ocean waves, Orazio is always up for a good time and never fails to put a smile on everyone’s face.

 So, if you ever visit Alpine’s office, be sure to say hello to Orazio! With his cute face and friendly personality, he’s sure to steal your heart and make you feel right at home.