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Anthony “Andy” Lingaitis is Alpine’s Vessel Manager.  He oversees the company’s fleet of vessels and is responsible for service and repairs, crew management, as well as the day-to-day vessel operations, including the preparation and positioning survey operations.

Andy has been in the maritime sector for over 30 years, having graduated from the US Merchant Marine Academy.  He spent much time with a national shipping agency – heading up the operations for the company as well as overseeing and managing the international business.

Andy enjoys the outdoors and volunteering with local Boy Scouts troops, going and mentoring on camping trips whenever he is able.  He is also (or was!) an avid Volleyball player.  Andy tries to spend as much time with his family comprised of his wife Caroline, son Collin and daughter Marissa.

Andy is driven by the challenge, always looking to solve the problem in the most efficient manner possible – and whenever possible – anticipate it before it happens. 

Andy strives to work under the premise that it’s better to be “Proactive” then “Reactive”, and it has worked out fairly well so far.