Alpine operates a wide range of vessels and state of the art equipment.

Alpine owns a wide variety of vessels ranging from 12’ skiffs to a 155’ ocean going research vessel. This allows us to match our clients’ needs with an appropriate vessel, thereby maximizing project efficiency and minimizing project costs.

Our vessels are complemented by Alpine’s extensive inventory of state of the art equipment. We are committed to providing our clients with the best and most current technological solution, be it for a simple bathymetry survey or a multi-disciplinary project. Regardless of whether our client needs a geophysical system, oceanographic/environmental instrument or the latest multi-beam equipment, we pride ourselves on constantly innovating our survey collection methods and upgrading our capabilities to meet or exceed industry standards.

Industry Leader in Vibracore Manufacturing

Since the 1960s Alpine has been the industry leader in the manufacture of vibracoring systems. Alpine offers a range of pneumatic and electric systems capable of taking cores from 5 to 40’ in length. In addition, Alpine has developed proprietary Corelog software for monitoring vibracore operations as well as having the capability of outfitting all its’ units for high pressure jetting.

Did you know?

By conducting both MMO and PAMS in conjunction, limiting factors such as poor weather conditions, background noise, non-acoustic animals or non-detectable vocalizations can be overcome, meaning your survey can be carried out during 24 hour operations, allowing a greater range of freedom in survey operations.