At Alpine, we understand the importance for offshore commercial activity to adhere to best practice and marine protected species legislation and regulations.

Through in-house capabilities and key strategic partnerships, we provide an extensive range of Protected Species Mitigation Services for use by Alpine and its clients during geophysical and geotechnical surveys, and project construction and maintenance phases. The combinations of services we provide, combined with our knowledge of pertinent legislation and regulations, allow our clients to obtain approval to operate on a 24hr basis and in conditions of marginal visibility.

Alpine's Protected Species Mitigation Services include:

  • Protected Species Observers (PSO)
  • Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM)
  • Underwater Acoustic Profiling

Did you know?

Alpineā€™s staff of professionals includes geophysicists, geologists, hydrographers, surveyors, oceanographers, environmental scientists and CAD/GIS Specialists.